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About Us

Who We Are

AA Real Estate has been built from the ground up having over 40 years of experience in real estate. Our number one priority as a business is to provide excellent service to our clients while fulfilling their needs and satisfaction throughout the years. Our commitment is to make space the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

With our involvement in the industry and constant modifications towards betterment we develop the splendid living you’ve always dreamed about. With AA Real Estate you will find your perfect space!


We’re Proud of Our Work

AA Real Estate is a service oriented company that embraces customer satisfaction. Our organization prides itself in serving our clients. The team is completely equipped to fulfill all of your needs in the fastest way possible. With AA Real Estate we know your way.

Closed Contracts
Satisfied Customers
Service Efficiency

“Smooth process of inscription and follow up for moving into our new space. The customer service is kind and friendly helping us through the process of settling in.”




“AA Real Estate offers me fast and efficient customer service for these past two years that I’ve lived in my space.”



Financial Advisor

“I have always had problems with maintenance orders with my past landlords, but with AA Real Estate they have everything under control. They give you the follow-up you deserve to remain calm under a stressful time of repairs in your apartment”



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